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      黔地歲時記?清明 | 想見你想見你想見你 Pure Brightness ? I Miss You, Three Thousand Times


      At this time of year, all things are growing, everything is pure and bright. That is why it is called Pure Brightness.


      Pure Brightness is on April 5th. Among the twenty-four solar terms, it is the only one that is also a festival.



      The festival of Shangsi, Hanshi, and Pure Brightness are combined into one. Pure Brightness is not only a clear and bright day, but also a day for going on outings and searching for spring. Above all, it is a day for showing respect to our ancestors and remembering our loved ones who have passed away.




      The ancient description of Pure Brightness's phenology is as follows: First, the beginning of the flowering season for the tung tree: the white tung blossoms as beautiful as expected. Second, the field mice turn into sparrows: the shade-loving field mice return to their underground dens, and sun-loving birds arrive. Third, the beginning of rainbows: after the spring rain, rainbows can be seen.





      In Fenggang County, Guizhou province, in the town of Fengyan, the rain on Pure Brightness makes the tea mountains even more lush and green. There is a sense of nostalgia that envelops the earth and sky. Mou Xiaoling walks into the small town, and memories of her father's tea-making techniques come to mind. Every year at this time, she always immerses herself in the sea of tea, searching for a fresh and fragrant flavor, and missing the past.




      Mou Yingshu, the father of Mou Xiaoling, studies under Li Lianbiao, a renowned tea expert in China. He worked as the assistant director of Meitan Tong Cha Experimental Station, the director of Yongxing Branch of Meitan Tea Factory, and a senior agronomist of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture. He was hailed as the pioneer of Guizhou's modern tea industry.





      Mou Yingshu devoted his entire life to learning about tea and promoting the tea industry. He traveled to various tea-producing areas in Guizhou, training more than 600 tea professionals and creating many nationally and provincially renowned teas, such as “Fanjing Cuifeng”, “Fanjing Xuefeng”, and “Shanglong Qingya”. After retiring, he established the Guiyang Chunqiu Industrial Co., Ltd. with his children. With over 50 years of experience in tea production and processing, he successfully developed the “Chunqiu” brand series of products, including Green Jewel, to meet the needs of industrialization and standardization of green tea production in Guizhou, realizing his lifelong dream of transforming high-quality tea materials from Guizhou into high-quality products.


      經過一個冬天的孕育,春茶色澤翠綠、葉質柔軟、茶葉營養成分足、品質好。穆明飛 攝



       Growing up surrounded by tea trees and the aroma of tea, Mou Xiaoling developed an unbreakable bond with tea from the age of four or five, when she had her first sip of Meijing tea.



      “Products need innovation, and so does inheritance.” “No matter where we go, we must benefit the local people.” Following in her father's footsteps and staying true to his original intention, Mou Xiaoling created products such as Spring-Autumn Red Jewel, Silver Jewel, and Spring-Autumn White Tea. In 2021, she was awarded the title of “China Tea Master”. The Spring and Autumn Tea Culture Communication Center has trained over 1000 tea tasters and tea artists, as well as hundreds of tea processing experts.


      鮮、香、純、爽是貴州茶的特點。王純亮 攝



      A cup of tea speaks volumes that words cannot express, and time passes in a flash. “Drinking tea, learning tea, making tea, and before you know it, I'm already 69 years old.” Said Mou Xiaoling. Tea makes her young and respectful at the same time.



      On Pure Brightness, let us explore the cycle of nature and the myriad of flavors from these magical tea leaves, which have been the pursuit of generations of tea lovers.


      Through the cycles of growth and decay, the tea tree reminds us of the beginning and end of life and teaches us how to inherit and create.


      貴州省遵義市鳳岡縣田壩鎮茶海之心。 李仁軍 攝



      As another Pure Brightness approaches, let us try new tea with new fire. Half a cup of missing, half a cup of sweetness.


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