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      Animation 'Suzume' stays on top of China's box office chart | 2023年清明檔票房過億,《鈴芽之旅》領跑

      Statistics from China Movie Data Information Network showed that Japanese animated fantasy adventure film "Suzume" stayed on top the Chinese mainland box office chart on Monday.


      The film generated a total daily box office of 12.3 million yuan (about 1.79 million U.S. dollars) on its eleventh day of screening.

      The Chinese adaptation of classic Japanese family drama "Hachiko" came in second, grossing nearly 10.2 million yuan on its fourth day of screening.

      It was followed by domestic comedy "Post Truth," which raked in about 6.41 million yuan on Monday.

      On Monday, "Titanic" began its latest round of rescreening in China. The silver screen classic directed by James Cameron pocketed 5.14 million yuan on the day.

      Source: Xinhua

      Editor: Wang Ziyi

      Senior Editor: Pang Bo