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      Guizhou's investment promotion efforts pay dividends | 貴州2023年產業大招商不斷突破


      Southwest China's Guizhou province has made continuous breakthroughs in industrial investment promotion since the beginning of 2023, according to a press conference organized by the Information Office of Guizhou Provincial Government on Nov 29.




      Thirteen key provincial departments in Guizhou, including those concerning information technology, culture and tourism, agriculture, and commerce, have organized various thematic investment promotion activities for equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism, digital economy, and other industries.




      The departments in charge of development and reform, natural resources, and financial supervision have provided full support and strengthened guarantees in terms of project formulation, land security, and corporate financing, effectively promoting the landing of new investment projects.




      This year, agreements on 194 contracted projects with a total investment of 185.74 billion yuan ($26.09 billion) were signed at six major provincial-level investment promotion activities. Up to now, 108 out of these projects have started construction.




      Guizhou has continuously achieved breakthroughs in seven areas including investment promotion targeting centrally-administered State-owned enterprises (SOEs), private enterprises, foreign enterprises, industrial parks, and key industries through optimizing work mechanisms, strengthening departmental coordination, and other measures.




      The province has conducted 7,753 business matchmaking activities outside its borders, received 14,333 business inspection visits, and held 667 special events with the participation of 25,195 enterprises.



      As a result, 44 centrally-administered SOEs have reached a series of cooperation intentions with Guizhou, with 140 contracted projects comprising a total investment of 100.8 billion yuan.




      Agreements on 1,300 joint ventures with private enterprises, based on an investment of 336.6 billion yuan, have been inked. The province has also introduced projects by 36 overseas enterprises with a contracted investment of 880 million yuan.




      Up to now, Guizhou has introduced 12 Fortune Global 500 enterprises, and 4,465 projects in new-type industrialization, agricultural modernization, tourism industrialization, and new urbanization, with a contracted investment of 712.27 billion yuan. Among them are 1,116 projects each with more than 100 million yuan invested.




      A total of 107.04 billion yuan of fixed investment has been put in place, making positive contributions to the economic development of the province.



      Source: eguizhou

      Editor: Lai Yingying

      Senior Editor: Pang Bo



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